modern + classic = modASSIC


Jennifer Akerman, designTEN1 owner, describes her style as modASSIC, a style of mixing modern and classic elements.

By mixing timeless accessories or furniture with current modern lines and colors a fresh, elegant and comfortable style is born. When you mix timeless and current elements together you uncover the true person of each residence. It is important to Jennifer that each clients true personality stands out through her design. 


Jennifer values good quality furniture that perhaps may have been passed down from generation to generation and will use that as a foundation to build a modASSIC design. It is important the designs last beyond trendsetting years and be more of a timeless statement. 


Jennifer will help clients select the perfect fabrics, trims, colors, accessories and pull all the final details together. Jennifer likes to add custom details to every room for a finished and custom-to-client look. 


As project consultant Jennifer works with many trades (architects, builders, engineers) to design and modify the layout of your home to improve the flow for each clients way of living.  /  214-714-1810